Welcome to our new site. We are a group of professionals and family carers in the North East of England who are researching an exciting new course that may help family carers who look after adults with a learning disability and challenging behaviour.

We know from existing research that looking after a person with a learning disability and challenging behaviour can bring about feelings of stress and exhaustion. We have developed a course that we hope will help people learn new strategies and manage stress more effectively. This course uses Positive Behaviour Support, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness.

We have an outline of what the course will involve but now we want family carers to take part and give us feedback about what elements work well and what areas need to be improved. We are inviting families carers who care for an adult relative (aged 18 or older) with a learning disability and challenging behaviour in the North East of England to take part in the course and research it with us. The family must have had support from Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust at some point during their relatives lives.

We will hold 3 courses throughout 2017 at various areas in the Nortumberland Tyne and Wear region. The dates and locations of each course will be confirmed as we meet possible participants and find out which areas are most suitable but it is likely that one will be held in Newcastle, one in Sunderland and one in Northumberland. We do have a budget to reimburse travel costs. If you get in touch with us we will hopefully be able to match you up with a course that is being held near to you.

Stress is inevitable, but we do hope that we can create an intervention that might reduce the impact that stress has on the lives of those who care for a relative with a learning disability and behaviour that challenges. We hope that together we can create a course that will give people the skills to respond to stress in a different way that improves quality of life for the individual and the relative they care for.

By working alongside family carers in this way, the final product will be a course that has been developed by family carers, for family carers. Promoting the idea of ‘families helping families’.




Our Partners

Family based support to build capacity and resilience in family carers of adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours: collaborative research

A study funded by the National Institute for Health Research: Research for Patient Benefit Programme. IRAS Number: 189428partner-logos